🎼 Lucas Cantor on the craft of composition and completing Schuberts Unfinished Symphony with AI

If you were to try to listen to every piece of music that is currently on Spotify today it would take you 500 years. And if music was being added at the rate that it's being added today, over those 500 years, by the time you would listen to everything 500 years from now, you would have listened to about 1% of what was available.” ~ Lucas Cantor

Lucas Cantor (@lucasdcantor) is an Emmy-winning composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and conductor. In this conversation we talk about Lucas’ collaboration with artificial intelligence to finish Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony.

We explore his process for working with the AI, and what this means for the intersection of music and technology. Plus we explore the craft of composition, and Lucas’ favourite books from his podcast Book Society.

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